Apple Releases iOS 17.4 with Security Fixes, Expanded European Features, and New Emoji


Apple has released its latest software update, iOS 17.4, bringing security patches, new emojisemoji, and significant changes for users within the European Union. The update highlights Apple's continued emphasis on security while introducing features that comply with evolving EU regulations.

Security Enhancements

Apple addressed two critical security vulnerabilities that it states could have been actively exploited. These flaws, located within the iPhone's kernel (the core of its operating system) and RTKit (Apple's real-time operating system), could potentially allow attackers to bypass memory protections.  Memory safeguards are essential for preventing malicious software from taking control of a device. iOS 17.4 ensures these safeguards remain intact.

European Union Compliance

iOS 17.4 brings major changes for iPhone users within the European Union. To adhere to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple now permits the installation of third-party app stores. This grants EU users greater choice for discovering and downloading apps, breaking Apple's long-held monopoly on the iPhone app distribution model.

New Features for Everyone

The iOS 17.4 update includes fun new additions for global users. A burst of new emoji – including a vibrant phoenix, a lime wedge, and shaking heads to signify "yes" or "no" – joins the existing emoji library.

Apple Podcasts also receives an upgrade in iOS 17.4 with the addition of transcripts for podcasts in English, Spanish, French, and German. Transcripts provide greater accessibility and allow users to read and search through their favorite podcast episodes.

Additional Updates

The latest update brings several smaller refinements, including a more detailed battery health section for iPhone 15 models, the ability to add music to playlists via recognition, and expanded Siri language support for message announcements.

Updating Your iPhone

iPhone users are strongly advised to download iOS 17.4 promptly to address the critical security issues. To update, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.

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