Intel Unleashes Blazing Core i9-14900KS Desktop Chip


Intel has raised the performance bar for desktop processors with the launch of its Core i9-14900KS, a special edition chip that shatters clock speed records out of the box.

Boasting a blistering 6.2 gigahertz max turbo frequency, the Core i9-14900KS cements Intel's position at the cutting edge of CPU speed, outpacing its own previous flagship, the 6.0GHz Core i9-13900KS.

"The Intel Core i9-14900KS showcases the full power and performance potential of the Intel Core 14th Gen desktop processor family and its performance hybrid architecture," said Roger Chandler, Intel's vice president and general manager of the Enthusiast PC and Workstation Segment. "Extreme PC enthusiasts – especially gamers and creators – can now enjoy the i9-14900KS' record-breaking 6.2GHz frequency while taking their desktop experience to higher levels of performance than ever before."

Beyond its staggering speeds, the 24-core, 32-thread behemoth packs a hefty 36 megabytes of Intel Smart Cache, delivering potent performance for gaming and demanding content creation workloads. According to Intel's internal benchmarks, the chip can provide up to a 15% generational uplift in gaming and a staggering 73% boost in multi-tasked 3D production compared to rivals.

A key enabler is Intel's Application Performance Optimization (APO) technology, which optimizes thread scheduling for supported titles, now spanning 14 games. With APO engaged, Intel claims an up to 11% performance increase in compatible games.

"Gamers can experience up to 15% better performance gen-over-gen thanks to its blazing speeds and Intel's Application Performance Optimization feature," Intel stated in its announcement.

However, Intel acknowledges AMD's formidable Ryzen 7000X-series processors can outperform the Core i9-14900KS in certain scenarios. As Mark Hachman of PCWorld noted, "Intel acknowledged that, in certain games, AMD's recent Ryzen 7000X-series chips outperform it."

The chip's record-shattering capabilities were further demonstrated by an elite overclocking team from Asus. Employing exotic liquid helium cooling, they pushed a single performance core to an astonishing 9,117MHz, setting new world records in the process.

Available from March 14th with a $699 recommended price, the Core i9-14900KS represents the pinnacle of Intel's desktop prowess. Compatible with Z790 and Z690 motherboards, it aims to deliver an unparalleled experience for gamers and creators pursuing the ultimate in performance.

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