AMD's Next-Gen Platform Emerges: AM5+ and Granite Ridge Zen 5 CPUs on the Horizon


As the technology world eagerly awaits AMD's next-generation desktop processors, new details have emerged that offer a glimpse into the company's future plans. According to recent reports, AMD is developing an updated version of its AM5 socket platform, dubbed "AM5+," which could debut alongside the highly anticipated Granite Ridge CPUs powered by the Zen 5 architecture.

The first signs of this impending platform shift were spotted in an update to the popular MC Extractor tool, a utility used to extract microcode information from AMD and Intel processors. The latest release of MC Extractor added support for two new AMD CPU identification codes, 00B40F00 and 00B40F40, which industry insider HXL believes correspond to Granite Ridge and its laptop-focused counterpart, Fire Range.

"The MC Extractor update notes remark that these new microcode IDs likely represent Granite Ridge or Fire Range processors, which are the next-gen Zen 5-based chips from AMD," HXL noted in a recent tweet. "This suggests these CPUs are nearing their final stages of development, hinting at a potential launch in the not-too-distant future."

While the specific details of the Granite Ridge and Fire Range processors remain scarce, the inclusion of the AM5+ platform in the MC Extractor update is particularly intriguing. According to the software's changelog, the latest version has "Adjusted AMD microcode pattern for AM5+" and added "AMD microcode CPUID 00B40Fxx detection."

This suggests that AMD's upcoming Zen 5 CPUs could be accompanied by a revamped version of the company's current AM5 socket, potentially offering enhanced capabilities and features compared to the original platform.

"The AM5+ could be just the AM5 socket with some extra pins enabled, or it could feature more substantial changes, such as different voltage requirements, power supply circuitry, or support for newer interfaces like USB4 Version 2 and DisplayPort with UHBR20," said industry analyst Lisa Chen.

What's clear is that AMD is laying the groundwork for a significant platform transition, one that could coincide with the launch of its Zen 5-based Ryzen desktop processors. The company has previously stated its commitment to supporting the AM5 socket through 2025, so it's likely that this year's Granite Ridge CPUs will still utilize the existing AM5 platform.

However, the emergence of the AM5+ branding suggests that AMD is already planning for the next phase of its desktop CPU ecosystem, potentially setting the stage for a more substantial platform upgrade in the coming years.

As the technology world eagerly awaits AMD's next-generation offerings, the recent developments surrounding the AM5+ platform and Granite Ridge CPUs have certainly piqued the interest of enthusiasts and industry watchers alike. With Computex 2024 on the horizon, the stage is set for AMD to potentially unveil its latest innovations and provide a glimpse into the future of its desktop computing portfolio.

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