Should You Upgrade to iOS 17? What the Latest Update Means for iPhone Users


The much-anticipated iOS 17 is set to make its public debut this September, coinciding with the launch of Apple's new iPhone 15 series. As the tech world buzzes with speculation and excitement, iPhone users are left pondering a significant question: Is upgrading to iOS 17 worth it? From modest improvements to the Wallet app to anticipated features in Apple Pay and a revamped Notes app, the new software update promises a slew of enhancements aimed at enriching the user experience.

Beyond the headline-grabbing features, iOS 17 also brings a series of quality-of-life adjustments that aim to make your iPhone more intuitive and user-friendly. For instance, the Notes app will now allow users to link related notes, simplifying organization and access. Additionally, iOS 17 appears to have a particular focus on improving transaction and payment experiences, as seen in the new order tracking features in Apple Pay.

However, as with any major software update, iOS 17 comes with its own set of considerations. Risk tolerance and timing are crucial factors that could influence your upgrade experience. In this article, we delve into the key features and improvements that iOS 17 has to offer, as well as the considerations you should keep in mind before hitting that 'Update' button.

What’s New in iOS 17

  1. Wallet and Apple Pay

    One of the highlights of iOS 17 is the subtle yet important changes coming to the Wallet app and Apple Pay. While the much-rumored major redesign of the Wallet app didn't materialize, users can expect several functional improvements. Apple Pay order tracking is getting a boost with several enhancements. For starters, it will now support Apple Maps, providing users with a seamless way to track an order's pickup time and location right within the Maps app. Siri Suggestions will proactively recommend these details, making it easier for users to manage their orders.

    But that's not all. Merchants can now attach a receipt to Apple Pay orders either as a PDF or an image file. This feature allows customers to have a tangible record of their transactions right within the Wallet app. Additionally, merchants can link Apple Pay orders to confirmation emails. Users can tap on the email attachment in the Mail app to add the order directly to their Wallet. Apple has also rolled out a new "Track with Apple Wallet" button that can be integrated into iPhone apps and websites, offering another layer of tracking convenience.

    Starting with iOS 17, iPhone users will also have the ability to present a driver's license or ID stored in the Wallet app at participating businesses and venues. This feature, called "Tap to Present ID on iPhone," simplifies the verification process for age-restricted purchases like alcohol or for identity confirmation in scenarios like renting a car.
  2.  Notes App

    The Notes app is receiving a noteworthy update that simplifies note organization. Users can now link notes together, much like hyperlinks on a website. This feature will be particularly useful for users with an extensive collection of notes related to a single topic. By linking notes, you can easily navigate between different but related content, allowing for a more organized and streamlined user experience. The process of linking notes is straightforward and user-friendly, accessible right within the app’s options.
  3. Other Features

    Another exciting development in iOS 17 is the new contact posters that appear when someone calls you. This visual addition provides a more interactive and informative calling experience, allowing users to instantly recognize who is reaching out to them.

    For those eyeing the new iPhone 15 Pro models, iOS 17's latest beta has dropped a significant hint: the introduction of a new Action Button. This new physical button aims to replace the Ring/Silent switch and offers nine various functions and settings that can be accessed without unlocking the device. Some of these functions include 'Silent Mode,' 'Camera,' 'Flashlight,' 'Focus,' 'Translate,' 'Accessibility,' 'Magnifier,' and 'Voice Memos,' as well as 'Shortcuts.' This Action Button is poised to be one of the defining features of the next-generation Pro iPhone models, making the device more versatile and efficient.

Considerations Before Upgrading to iOS 17 

Before embarking on the Upgrade, below are some of the considerations you should take into account: 

  1. Risk Tolerance

    Embarking on a software upgrade is never without its risks, and iOS 17 is no exception. While Apple has gone through multiple rounds of beta testing to iron out as many issues as possible, it's unrealistic to expect a bug-free experience.

    Your comfort level with encountering and managing software glitches should be a key consideration in your decision to upgrade. If you've already been using the iOS 17 public beta, you'll have a head start on understanding its quirks and features. Apple will continue to send beta updates your way, which means you'll receive any patches and bug fixes before the wider public. This could be an advantageous position for those who like to stay ahead of the curve and don't mind navigating some initial hiccups.

  2. Timing for Upgrade

    The timing of your upgrade could be another crucial factor to consider. iOS 17 is expected to arrive sometime between the end of the Apple event on September 12 and the likely iPhone 15 ship date on September 22. Upgrading immediately may expose you to some initial bugs, but if you're the sort who isn't put off by the unpredictable nature of early software releases, you can download the iOS 17 release the moment it becomes available.

    For those cautious about battery drain or any other potential disruptions to regular iPhone use, it might be prudent to wait. Apple typically releases patches within a week or so to address such issues. If you prefer a more cautious approach, you could wait until the first update after the initial iOS 17 release or even until iOS 17.1 emerges, which should not only smooth out any bugs but could also introduce new features that didn't make the initial release.

Therefore, as we approach the official release of iOS 17, iPhone users are faced with a myriad of features and considerations. From enhanced Wallet and Apple Pay functionalities to the much-anticipated Action Button on the new iPhone 15 Pro models, the update promises to refine the iOS experience. However, like any major software rollout, it comes with its own set of risks and timing considerations. Ultimately, the decision to upgrade will hinge on your comfort level with new features and your tolerance for potential bugs.

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